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Clive Tucker Golf Schools

Pupils that attend one of Clive’s three or five day Golf Schools, will be exposed to new levels of skill. These Golf Schools are an excellent way to look at every part of your game. It is by taking time to pin point areas of your game that may need improving, that each lesson can be built around your specific needs. At the end of this unique program you will not only be a better golfer but will have the knowledge to be able to continue with this improvement long after you have returned to your club.

The areas covered are:

Short Game

70% of Golf is played from 50 yards and is therefore an extremely important area to focus on. Developing the ability to confidently play feel shots from any given situation from close range, is something you can learn to do just as well as a Tour Player.

Full Swing

Gaining control of your swing will improve the control of the ball flight. You will be able to hit the shots you want when you need them.


Being 45% of the game improving putting is critical to lowering scores. A strong focus of these Golf Schools is to improve putting technique.

Course Management

Essential to the Golf School program are the playing lessons, it is where we test your skill, decision making and shot selection.


golf school Locations

In the UK Clive conducts his schools in Surrey at
Mannings Heath Golf Club

Mannings Heath Golf Club

During the winter Clive regularly travels to southern Spain where he hosts 3 day Golf Schools at Arcos Gardens

Arcos Gardens


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